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Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationship
through Patient Care, Teaching and Research.

New Programming

The Clinical Excellence Track

The Clinical Excellence Track is a partnership between the College, the Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence and the UChicago Medicine Office of Community and External Affairs, to begin Fall 2013.

The program will include an innovation that, so far as we know, has never before been done by an undergraduate college: it will offer undergraduate students an opportunity to complete a program of work and study over a three-year period that will qualify them to receive a special note on their transcript as well as a special certificate attesting to the fact that they completed a joint curriculum in Clinical Excellence sponsored by The College and the Bucksbaum Institute.

We believe that this proposed Clinical Excellence Track will be a structured opportunity for pre-medical students to gain key skills and experiences. To earn a transcript designation stating that the student has completed the Clinical Excellence Track, students must successfully complete each of the key components of the track by the end of the quarter prior to their quarter of graduation, which include:

  1. Participation in the monthly “Joel Schwab, M.D. Program On Being a Doctor” seminar series
  2. Involvement in Bucksbaum Institute public events such as the Quarterly Event Speaker series
  3. Participation in an Autumn Quarter “Recruitment in Careers” event and/or Spring Quarter presentation to pre-health students
  4. Completion of one course within the College that addresses the doctor-patient relationship
  5. Participation in an annual Bucksbaum webinar discussing a relevant topic, open to all UofC pre-med, pre-med alumni, and PSOM students
  6. Successful completion of the Volunteer/Shadowing program at UChicago Medicine, which requires a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer service over a single calendar year

Bucksbaum Interest Group (BIG)

Formed in 2013, the Bucksbaum Interest Group (BIG) at the Pritzker School of Medicine is focused on creating opportunities for medical students to participate in Bucksbaum Institute programs in order to foster greater understanding of the doctor-patient relationship. Created and currently run by Bucksbaum Institute Student Scholars, BIG will bring medical students in closer contact with the nearly 60 Junior and Senior Bucksbaum Institute Faculty Scholars for mentoring, research and educational opportunities.

Recognizing student interest in the Bucksbaum Institute, BIG will provide a forum for the broader medical student body to engage in the Bucksbaum Institute mission through quarterly discussion groups, small quarterly dinners, and collaborative events with other interest groups.