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Junior Faculty Scholar Index

Junior Faculty Scholars
Lisa Marie Cannon, MD Surgery 2017
Keme Carter, MD Medicine 2015
Jonas de Souza, MD, MBA Medicine 2014-2016*
Dan Golden, MD, MHPE Radiation–Oncology 2018
Perpetua Goodall, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology 2016
Raymon Grogan, MD Surgery 2013-2018*
Olwen Hahn, MD Medicine 2013
Matthew Koshy, MD Radiation–Oncology 2015
Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS Medicine 2017
Alexander Langerman, MD Surgery 2011-2016*
Nita Lee, MD, MPH Obstetrics and Gynecology 2012
Wei Wei Lee, MD, MPH Medicine 2016
Evan Lyon, MD Medicine 2015-2016*
Dejan Micic, MD Medicine 2018
Monica Peek, MD, MPH Medicine 2011
Amber Pincavage, MD Medicine 2014
Neethi Pinto, MD, MS Pediatrics 2016
John Schneider, MD, MPH Medicine 2013
Jennifer Tseng, MD Surgery 2018
Shellie Williams, MD Medicine 2017
Tao Xie, MD, PhD Neurology 2014
John Yoon, MD Medicine 2012

Associate Junior Faculty Scholars
Khalid Afzal, MD Psychiatry 2015
James Ahn, MD Medicine 2015
Jason Alexander, MD Medicine 2017
Lolita Alkureishi, MD Pediatrics 2016
Danielle Anderson, MD Psychiatry 2011-2015*
Bree Andrews, MD, MPH Pediatrics 2014
Mim Ari, MD Medicine 2018
Andrew Aronsohn, MD Medicine 2011
Trissa Babrowski, MD Surgery 2015
Anna Volerman Beaser, MD Medicine 2016
Leslie Caldarelli, MD Pediatrics 2011-2015*
Brian Callender, MD Medicine 2015
Woojin James Chon, MD Medicine 2011-2016*
Kenneth Cohen, MD Medicine 2015
Sarah Collins, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology 2013-2016*
Patrick Cunningham, MD Medicine 2016
Jessica Curley, MD, PhD Pediatrics 2011-2014*
Adrianne Dade, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology 2016
Wendy Darlington, MD, MAPP Pediatrics 2016
Deidre De Ranieri, MD Pediatrics 2017-2018*
Ami Desai, MD, MSCE Pediatrics 2017
David Dickerson, MD Anesthesia 2015-2018*
Gina Dudley, MD Medicine 2011-2013*
Asim Farooq, MD Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2018
Rebecca Garza, MD Surgery 2018
Zhen Gooi, MD Surgery 2017
Allen Gustin, MD Anesthesia 2011-2015*
Jennifer Hofer, MD Anesthesia 2011
Kelly Hynes, MD Orthopaedic Surgery 2018
Priti Jani, MD, MPH Pediatrics 2017
Stacy Kahn, MD Pediatrics 2014-2016*
Robert Kavitt, MD, MPH Medicine 2014
David Kiragu, MD Medicine 2014-2015*
Jonathan Kohler, MD, MA Surgery 2013-2015*
Christopher L. Kramer, MD Neurology 2017
Ram Krishnamoorthi, MD, MPH Medicine 2015
James LaBelle, MD, PhD Pediatrics 2018
Emily Landon, MD Medicine 2013
Ricardo Lastra, MD Pathology 2017
Stacie Levine, MD Medicine 2012
Edwin K. McDonald IV, MD Medicine 2016
Jennifer McNeer, MD, MS Pediatrics 2014
Pamela McShane, MD Medicine 2012
Grace Mak, MD Surgery 2014
Megan Anne Conti Mica, MD Orthopaedic Surgery 2016
Diana L. Mitchell, MD Pediatrics 2011
Peter O’Donnell, MD Medicine 2011
Navin Pinto, MD Pediatrics 2014-2015*
Tamar Polonsky, MD, MSCI Medicine 2014
Jason Poston, MD Medicine 2011
Valerie Press, MD, MPH Medicine 2015
Patrick Reavey, MD, MS Surgery 2017
Charles Rhee, MD Medicine 2017
Yasmin Sacro, MD Medicine 2013-2015*
Robert Sargis, MD, PhD Medicine 2013-2016*
Milda Saunders, MD, MPH Medicine 2014
Neil Sengupta, MD Medicine 2016
Namrata Setia, MD Pathology 2017
Sachin Shah, MD Medicine 2013
Holly Shiao Psychiatry 2018
Manish Sharma, MD Medicine 2014-2018*
Dimitra Skondra, MD, PhD Ophthalmology and Visual Science 2017
Mark Slidell, MD, MPH Surgery 2018
Robert Steppacher, MD Surgery 2014-2016*
Audrey Tanksley, MD Medicine 2015
Melissa Tesher, MD Pediatrics 2015
Gaurav Upadhyay, MD Medicine 2017
Anshu Verma, MD Medicine 2015
Meltem Zeytinoglu, MD, MBA Medicine 2016
Anna Zisman, MD Medicine 2015

*Denotes that a faculty member has left UChicago Medicine and is now at a different institution. Please see the alumni page for more information.