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Mary E. Rinella, MD Named 2022-2023 BICE Master Clinician

Bucksbaum is proud to welcome Dr. Mary Rinella as our 2022-2023 Master Clinician. Dr. Rinella is a board-certified transplant hepatolgist with 20 years of experience treating patients with complex liver disease. She is an expert in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD is the most common cause of liver disease in the United States.

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"Joel Schwab, MD On Being a Doctor" Lecture Series

The “Joel Schwab, MD On Being a Doctor” Lecture Series is a monthly lecture series featuring Bucksbaum Faculty Scholars from UChicago and around the US presenting on a selected aspect of effective clinical care. Please join us for the third lecture, being held on January 10th at 5:30 p.m. CST.

“Joel Schwab, MD On Being a Doctor” Lecture Series

11th Annual Bucksbaum Institute Symposium

The 2022 BICE Research Symposium is officially in the books. The Bucksbaum Institute would like to thank our Advisory Board as well as the Scholar Researchers and their teams for being a part of showcasing the incredible work they do in advancing our mission: Improving the Doctor-Patient Relationship through Patient Care, Teaching and Research.

The Clinical Excellence Podcast

Please join Dr. Adam Cifu and Dr. Matt Sorrentino for a deep dive into critical concepts and components of the doctor-patient relationship, all in an effort to improve clinical care.
The new Clinical Excellence Podcast episodes available to listen now!

Clinical Excellence Podcast

The Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence

The Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence was created to improve patient care; to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship; to enhance communication and decision-making in health care through research and education programs for medical students, junior faculty, and master clinicians; and to reduce health care disparities.

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The Bucksbaum Institute has appointed 514 faculty, medical students, and undergraduate pre-medical student scholars across 8 scholar groups over the last 10 years.


The Bucksbaum Institute has developed 30 programs for scholars and the larger University of Chicago community over the past 10 years.


The Bucksbaum Institute has begun to develop new strategic partnerships to increase education and research on the doctor-patient relationship, shared decision-making and other critical efforts to improve patient care.


11th Annual Bucksbaum Institute Symposium

BICE would like to thank Master Clinician Dr. Kunle Odunsi, Senior Faculty Scholar Dr. Dana Suskind, Associate Junior Faculty Scholar Dr. Brian Callender, Junior Faculty Scholar Dr. Milda Saunders, and Medical Student Scholar Frazer Tessema for their wonderful presentations and all of our attendees for making the 11th Annual Bucksbaum Research Symposium a success.

The Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence

The Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence at the University of Chicago aims to enhance the skills of physicians as advisers, counselors, and navigators to help patients make informed decisions when facing complex treatment choices.

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