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Bucksbaum Interest Group (BIG)

The Bucksbaum Institute for Clinician Excellence works across the University of Chicago campus and around the world to support and forge unique and special initiatives and collaboration.

Bucksbaum Interest Group (BIG)

The Bucksbaum Interest Group is a Pritzker School of Medicine student group that was approved in May 2013 and has since created opportunities for medical students to participate in Bucksbaum Institute lecture series and seminars as well as other sponsored academic activities. These programs foster greater understanding of the doctor-patient relationship, good communication and shared decision-making. These events bring medical students in close contact with the Junior and Senior Bucksbaum Institute Faculty Scholars for mentoring, research and educational opportunities.

Prior events held have included:
Poetry reading from physician author

  • Poetry readings from physician authors
  • Panel discussions concerning health and access disparities within the hard of hearing community
  • Small group for discussions with featured speakers after a relevant lecture
  • Dinner/lunch small group conversations with senior faculty to discuss questions/concerns about career preparation, various specialties, Match, etc.
  • Dinner where senior MSIV students shared advice to MSIIIs about to begin clinical rotations
  • Dinner at the Logan Center focused on compassion in medicine.