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About the Bucksbaum Institute

About the Bucksbaum Institute

The Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence was established in September 2011 with a $42 million endowment gift from the Matthew and Carolyn Bucksbaum Family Foundation. The mission of the Bucksbaum Institute is to improve patient care; to strengthen the physician-patient relationship; to enhance communication and decision-making in health care through research and education programs for medical students, junior faculty, and master clinicians; and to reduce health care disparities.

Overview of The BUcksbaum Institute

During the past 13 years, the Bucksbaum Institute has achieved its mission through the appointment of 583 scholars, including Master Clinicians, Senior Faculty, Junior Faculty, Associate Junior Faculty, Medical Students, and Undergraduate Students. The Institute works with these scholars and the larger University of Chicago academic community in four key areas:

  1. Promoting and advancing medical care, where clinical decision-making is shared by the patient and physician. The physician serves as an adviser, counselor, and navigator who helps the patient understand complex treatment choices in a medical relationship that is focused on the patient’s
    interests, and patients make choices based on their values and preferences.
  2. Establishing a new and higher standard for training and mentoring skilled, compassionate medical students and physicians and physicians who communicate effectively with patients.
  3. Promoting social justice by working to reduce healthcare disparities and improving models of delivery and access
  4. Focusing on the social sciences and humanities, fields that are often neglected by traditional medical school programs. The current scope of Bucksbaum Institute programming has grown exponentially
    since its founding in 2011. The Institute has structured its activities based on three functions: people, programs, and partnerships.
People of the Bucksbaum Institute

The Bucksbaum Institute has appointed 583 faculty, medical students, and undergraduate pre-medical student scholars over the last 13 years. Bucksbaum Institute faculty and student scholars are its most valuable resource.

We continue to strengthen the ranks of faculty and student scholars through engagement in our eight
scholar programs: Master Clinicians, Senior Faculty, Junior Faculty, Associate Junior Faculty, Medical Students, Undergraduate CEST Student, International Faculty, and Alumni.
These eight unique scholar programs have resulted in:

  • Increased research on topics related to the doctor-patient relationship
  • Expanded teaching, training, and professional development opportunities
  • Additional partnerships and special programming opportunities
  • Global expansion of the Bucksbaum Institute’s mission and activities, especially in regard to reducing health care disparities
PROGRams of the Bucksbaum Institute

The Bucksbaum Institute, along with various partners, has also developed several programs to fulfill its mission: Pilot Grant Program, Summer Research Program (SRP), Lectures and Seminars, Special Courses, and The Clinical Excellence Podcast.

Over 13 years, the Bucksbaum Institute has significantly expanded its initial mandate by developing these programs that support research, education, and professional development. These programs have fostered interdisciplinary collaborations and contributed to advancements in compassionate and humanistic healthcare physician-patient relationship.

PARTNERSHIPS of the Bucksbaum Institute

Since the Bucksbaum Institute was launched in 2011 there has been local, national and international interest in a center focused on the value and importance of a humane and compassionate physician-patient relationship. As more individuals and organizations learn about the mission and achievements of the Bucksbaum Institute, there has been increased opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with programs and projects like: The hArt of Medicine®, Shared Decision-Making Through “Patients as Teachers”, The Schwartz Center, Joel Schwab, MD “On Being a Doctor” Lecture Series, The Enhancing Life Research Laboratory, and The Western University Local Health District.

Since its inception in 2011, the Bucksbaum Institute continues to develop partnerships to promote the advancement of the physician-patient relationship. We look forward to continuing the expansion of our Institute’s impact on medical education and practice globally.