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Bree Andrews, MD, MPH

Bree Andrews, MD, MPH

2019 Senior Faculty Scholars

Dr. Bree Andrews is a neonatologist who specializes in complex care after Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) graduation. She directs a complex care clinic at both the University of Chicago and Larabida Children’s Hospital. She is core-faculty in the Department of Pediatrics and a new student cohort leader in the Bucksbaum Institute Clinical Excellence Scholars Track program for undergraduates at the University of Chicago. She has mentored many medical students, residents, and fellows in their scholarly research projects.

Most recently, she has developed a web-application to use at the NICU bedside to improve parenting engagement via Preeme +You. Bree’s Preeme +You project has received Bucksbaum Pilot Grant funding. She is also the neuro-developmental lead for the MIND (the Microbiome of Infant Neuro-Development) project, a translational approach to how the microbiome impacts premature infants over time. She also studies resuscitation at the border of viability (22-23 weeks gestational age), using data around shared decision making, cost, and outcomes to inform practice. The Bucksbaum Institute is please to welcome Dr. Bree Andrews as a Senior Faculty Scholar.