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Gregory Christoforidis, MD

Gregory Christoforidis, MD

2014 Alumni Scholars

Dr. Christoforidis is a Professor of Radiology and Surgery and Section Chief of Neuoradiology. Dr Christoforidis has expertise in interventional neuroradiology (neuroendovascular surgery), and diagnostic neuroradiology of the brain, head, neck and spine. He is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute stroke, aneurysms, arteriovenous fistulas, arteriovenous malformations and other vascular lesions using minimally invasive diagnostic and image guided procedures.

Dr. Christoforidis works with colleagues from many specialties to improve quality of care, improve patient safety and outcomes and facilitate patient education. He has worked to tailor imaging and image guided procedures to address individual patient needs. He devotes special attention to help patients understand their treatment options and the potential risks and benefits of treatment including any recent innovations.

Dr. Christoforidis’ research focuses on endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke. He is investigating the formation of collateral blood vessels in the leptomeningeal tissue surrounding the brain and its role in acute ischemic stroke. He has participated in numerous clinical trials that use neurointerventional techniques and has contributed over a hundred articles and book chapters to the scientific literature. In addition, he frequently delivers presentations at national and international conferences.