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Michelle Lemelman, MD

Michelle Lemelman, MD

2023 Associate Junior Faculty Scholars

Dr. Michelle Lemelman is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and a renowned expert in pediatric endocrinology. She serves as the Medical Director of the TransCARE (Clinic for Affirmation and Reproductive Equity) program at the University of Chicago. Dr. Lemelman played a pivotal role in the development of TransCARE at its inception in 2021 and continues to lead the program with a focus on pediatric and adolescent transgender endocrinology.

TransCARE’s mission is to provide inclusive, high-quality, affirmative hormonal and reproductive healthcare for transgender and gender non-conforming patients. In her role, Dr. Lemelman offers gender-affirming hormone treatments to pediatric and adolescent patients, continually working to expand the clinic and establish partnerships within the University of Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area. Her goal is to bring comprehensive and state-of-the-art transgender care to the South Side of Chicago.

As an outstanding pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Lemelman emphasizes the importance of the doctor-patient relationship in providing optimal care for transgender patients. Her nomination as a Bucksbaum Institute Junior Faculty Scholar reflects her dedication to advancing the TransCARE program and studying the impact of effective physician-patient communication on transgender care. Dr. Lemelman’s leadership and expertise make her a deserving candidate for this prestigious recognition.